Solar loop

by europeanspaceagency
What: A giant loop of magnetic field lines, large enough to trap ten Earths, arching from the Sun. This particular plasma loop was associated with a large sunspot group known as AR1520, which caused several flares and an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection.
How: Hydrogen-Alpha solar telescope (0.7 Å) Lunt 100mm model with Imaging Source DMK 31 camera. The image is the sum of 1200 frames processed in Registax 6.
When: 19 July 2012
Where: Ager, Spain
Who: Eduard Garcia-Ribera

What our judges said: “This image of a seemingly delicate-looking plasma loop was captured during a particularly stormy time for our Sun, and we liked how even the faintest of details have been revealed during such turbulent solar activity.”

Credits: E. Garcia-Ribera



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